Syrupus de Pomis magistralis
Or Syrup of Apples magisterial

College : Take of the Juice and Water of Apples of each a pound and an half, the Juice and Water of Borrage and Bugloss of each nine ounces, Senna half a pound, Annis seeds, and sweet Fennel seeds, of each three drams, Epithimum of Crete, two ounces, Agarick, Rhubarb, of each half an ounce, Ginger, Mace, of each four scruples, Cinnamon two scruples, Saffron half a dram, infuse the Rhubarb and Cinnamon apart by itself, in white Wine and Juice of Apples, of each two ounces, let all the rest, the Saffron excepted, be steeped in the Waters above mentioned, and the next day put in the juices, which being boiled, scummed, and strained, then with four ounces of white sugar boil it into a Syrup, crushing the saffron in it being tied up in a linen rag, the infusion of the Rhubarb being added at the latter end.

Culpeper : Out of doubt this is a gallant Syrup to purge choler and melancholy, and to resist madness.

Syrupus de Rhubarbaro
Or Syrup of Rhubarb

College : Take of the best Rhubarb and Senna of each two ounces and an half, Violet flowers a handful, Cinnamon one dram and an half, Ginger half a dram, Bettony, Succory and Bugloss Water of each one pound and an half, let them be mixed together warm all night, and in the morning strained and boiled into a Syrup, with two pounds of white sugar, adding towards the end four ounces of Syrup of Roses.

Culpeper : It cleanses choler and melancholy very gently, and is therefore fit for children, old people, and weak bodies. You may add an ounce of it to the Decoction of Epithimum or to the Decoction of Senna.

Syrupus Rosaceus solutivus
Or Syrup of Roses solutive

College : Take of Spring Water boiling hot four pounds, Damask Rose leaves fresh, as many as the water will contain; let them remain twelve hours in infusion, close stopped; then press them out and put in fresh Rose leaves; do so nine times in the same liquor, encreasing the quantity of the Roses as the liquor encreases, which will be almost by the third part every time: Take six parts of this liquor, and with four parts of white sugar, boil it to a Syrup according to art.

Culpeper : It loosens the belly, and gently brings out choler and flegm, but leaves a binding quality behind it.

Syrupus e succo Rosarum
Or Syrup of the Juice of Roses

College : It is prepared without steeping, only with the juice of Damask Roses pressed out, and clarified, and an equal proportion of sugar added to it.

Culpeper : This is like the other.

Syrupus Rosaceus solutivus cum Agarico
Or Syrup of Roses solutive with Agarick

College : Take of Agarick cut thin an ounce, Ginger two drams, Sal. Gem. one dram, Polipodium bruised two ounces, sprinkle them with white Wine and steep them two days over warm ashes, in a pound and an half of the infusion of Damask Roses prescribed before, and with one pound of sugar boil it into a Syrup according to art.

Culpeper : It purges flegm from the head, relieves the senses oppressed by it, provokes the menses, purges the stomach and liver, and provokes urine.

Syrupus Rosaceus solutivus cum Helleboro
Or Syrup of Roses solutive with Hellebore

College : Take of the bark of all the Myrobalans, of each four ounces, bruise them grossly, and steep them twenty-four hours in twelve pounds of the infusion of Roses before spoken, Senna, Epithimum,

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