Syrupus Acetosus compositus
Or Syrup of Vinegar compound

College : Take of the roots of Smallage, Fennel, Endive, of each three ounces, the seeds of Annis, Smallage, Fennel, of each one ounce, of Endive half an ounce, clear Water six pounds, boil it gently in an earthen vessel till half the water be consumed, then strain and clarify it, and with three pounds of Sugar, and a pound and a half of white Wine Vinegar, boil it into a Syrup.

Culpeper : This in my opinion is a gallant Syrup for such whose bodies are stuffed either with flegm, or tough humours, for it opens obstructions or stoppings both of the stomach, liver, spleen, and reins; it cuts and brings away tough flegm and choler, and is therefore a special remedy for such as have a stuffing at their stomach.

Syrupus de Agno Casto
Or Syrup of Agnus Castus

College : Take of the seeds of Rue and Hemp, of each half a dram, of Endive, Lettice, Purslain, Gourds, Melons, of each two drams, of Fleawort half an ounce, of Agnus Castus four ounces, the flowers of Water Lilies, the leaves of Mints, of each half a handful, decoction of seeds of Lentils, and Coriander seeds, of each half an ounce, three pounds of the decoction, boil them all over a gentle fire till two pounds be consumed, and to the residue, being strained, two ounces of juice of Lemons, a pound and a half of white sugar, make it into a Syrup according to art.

Culpeper : A pretty Syrup, and good for little.

Syrupus de Althæa
Or Syrup of Marsh-mallows

College : Take of roots of Marsh-mallows, two ounces, the roots of Grass Asparagus, Liquorice, Raisins of the Sun stoned, of each half an ounce, the tops of Mallows, Marsh-mallows, Pellitory of the Wall, Burnet, Plantain, Maiden-hair white and black, of each a handful, red Cicers an ounce, of the four greater and four lesser cold seeds, of each three drams, boil them in six pounds of clear Water till four remain, which being strained, boil into a syrup with four pounds of white sugar.

Culpeper : It is a fine cooling, opening, slipery Syrup, and chiefly commendable for the cholic, stone, or gravel, in the kidneys or bladder.

Syrupus de Ammoniaca
Or Syrup of Ammoniacum

College : Take of Maudlin and Cetrach, of each four handfuls, common Wormwood an ounce, the roots of Succory, Sparagus, bark of Caper roots, of each two ounces, after due preparation steep them twenty- four hours in three ounces of white Wine, Radish and Fumitory water, of each two pounds, then boil it away to one pound eight ounces, let it settle, in four ounces of which, whilst it is warm, dissolve by itself Gum Ammoniacum, first dissolved in white Wine Vinegar, two ounces, boil the rest with a pound and an half of white sugar into a Syrup, adding the mixtures of the Gum at the end.

Culpeper : It cools the liver, and opens obstructions both of it and the spleen, helps old surfeits, and such like diseases, as scabs, itch, leprosy, and what else proceed from the liver over heated. You may take an ounce at a time.

Syrupus de Artemisia
Or Syrup of Mugwort

College : Take of Mugwort two handfuls, Pennyroyal, Calaminth, Origanum, Bawm, Arsmart, Dittany of Crete, Savin, Marjoram,Germander, St. John's Wort, Camepitis, Featherfew with the flowers, Centaury the less, Rue, Bettony, Bugloss, of each a handful, the roots of Fennel, Smallage, Parsley, Sparagus, Bruscus, Saxifrage, Elecampane, Cypress, Madder, Orris, Peony, of each an ounce, Juniper Berries, the seeds of Lovage, Parsley, Smallage, Annis, Nigella, Carpobalsamum or Cubebs, Costus, Cassia Lignea, Cardamoms, Calamus Aromaticus, the roots of Asarabacca, Pellitory of Spain, Valerian, of each half an

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