Decoctum commune pro clystere
Or a common Decoction for a Clyster.

College : Take of Mallows, Violets, Pellitory, Beets, and Mercury, Chamomel flowers, of each one handful, sweet Fennel seeds half an ounce, Linseeds two drams, boil them in a sufficient quantity of common water to a pound.

Culpeper : This is the common decoction for all clysters, according to the quality of the humour abounding, so you may add what Simples, or Syrups, or Electuaries you please; only half a score Linseeds, and a handful of Chamomel flowers are added.

Decoctum Epythimi
Or a Decoction of Epithimum

College : Take of Myrobalans, Chebs, and Inds, of each half an ounce, Stœchas, Raisins of the sun stoned, Epithimum, Senna, of each one ounce, Fumitory half an ounce, Maudlin five drams, Polipodium, six drams, Turbith half an ounce, Whey made with Goat's milk, or Heifer's milk four pounds, let them all boil to two pounds, the Epithimum excepted, which boil but a second or two, then take it from the fire, and add black Hellebore one dram and an half, Agerick half a dram, Sal. Gem. one dram and an half, steep them ten hours, then press it strongly out.

Culpeper : It purges melancholy, as also choler, it resists madness, and all diseases coming of melancholy, and therefore let melancholy people esteem it as a jewel.

Decoctum Sennœ Gereonis
Or a Decoction of Senna

College : Take of Senna two ounces, Pollipodium half an ounce, Ginger one dram, Raisins of the sun stoned two ounces, Sebestens,Prunes, of each twelve, the flowers of Borrage, Violets, Roses, and Rosemary, of each two drams, boil them in four pounds of water till half be consumed.

Culpeper : It is a common Decoction for any purge, by adding other simples or compounds to it, according to the quality of the humour you would have purged, yet, in itself, it chiefly purges melancholy.

Decoctum Pectorale
Or a Pectoral Decoction

College : Take of Raisins of the sun stoned, an ounce, Sebestens, Jujubes, of each fifteen, Dates six, Figs four, French Barley one ounce, Liquorice half an ounce, Maiden-hair, Hyssop, Scabious, Colt's-foot, of each one handful, boil them in three pounds of water till two remain.

Culpeper : The medicine is chiefly appropriated to the lungs, and therefore causes a clear voice, a long wind, resists coughs, hoarseness, asthmas, &c. You may drink a quarter of a pint of it every morning, without keeping to any diet, for it purges not.

I shall quote some Syrups fitting to be mixed with it, when I come to the Syrups.

Decoctum Trumaticum

College : Take of Agrimony, Mugwort, wild Angelica, St. John's Wort, Mousear, of each two handfuls, Wormwood half a handful, Southernwood, Bettony, Bugloss, Comfrey the greater and lesser, roots and all, Avens, both sorts of Plantain, Sanicle, Tormentil with the roots, the buds of Barberries and Oak, of each a handful, all these being gathered in May and June and diligently dried, let them be cut and put up in skins or papers against the time of use, then take of the forenamed herbs three handfuls, boil them in four pounds of conduit water and two pounds of white Wine gently till half be consumed, strain it, and a pound of Honey being added to it, let it be scummed and kept for use.

Culpeper : If sight of a medicine will do you good, this is as like to do it as any I know.

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