Physical Wines

Vinum Absynthitis
Or Wormwood Wine

College : Take a handful of dried Wormwood, for every gallon of Wine, stop it in a vessel close, and so let it remain in steep: so is prepared wine of Rosemary flowers, and Eye-bright.

Culpeper : It helps cold stomachs, breaks wind, helps the wind cholic, strengthens the stomach, kills worms, and helps the green sickness.

Rosemary-flower Wine, is made after the same manner. It is good against all cold diseases of the head, consumes flegm, strengthens the gums and teeth.

Eye-bright Wine is made after the same manner. It wonderfully

clears the sight being drank, and revives the sight of elderly men. A cup of it in the morning is worth a pair of spectacles.

All other Wines are prepared in the same manner.

The best way of taking any of these Wines is, to drink a draught of them every morning. You may, if you find your body old or cold, make Wine of any other herb, the virtues of which you desire; and make it and take it in the same manner.

Vinum Cerassorum Nigrorum Or Wine of Black Cherries

College : Take a gallon of Black Cherries; keep it in a vessel close stopped till it begin to work, then filter it, and an ounce of Sugar being added to every pound, let it pass through Hippocrates' sleeve, and keep in a vessel close stopped for use.

Vinum Helleboratum Or Helleborated Wine

College : Take of white Hellebore cut small, four ounces, Spanish Wine two pounds, steep it in the sun in a phial close stopped, in the dog days, or other hot weather.

Vinum Rubellum

College : Take of Stibium, in powder, one ounce, Cloves sliced two drams, Claret Wine two pounds, keep it in a phial close shut.

Vinum Benedictum

College : Take of Crocus Metallorum, in powder, one ounce, Mace one dram, Spanish Wine one pound and an half, steep it.

Vinum Antimoniale
Or Antimonial Wine

College : Take of Regulus of Antimony, in powder, four ounces, steep it in three pounds of white Wine in a glass well stopped, after the first shaking let the Regulus settle.

Culpeper : These last mentioned are vomits, and vomits are fitting medicines for but a few, the mouth being ordained to take in nourishment, not to cast out excrements, and to regulate a man's body in vomiting; and doses of vomits require a deeper study in physic, than I doubt the generality of people yet have; I omit it therefore at this time, not because I grudge it my country, but because I would not willingly have them do themselves a mischief. I shall shortly teach them in what diseases vomits may be used, and then, and not till then, the use of vomits.

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