Tinctura Croci
Or Tincture of Saffron

College : Take two drams of Saffron, eight ounces of Treacle water, digest them six days, then strain it.

Culpeper : See the virtues of Treacle water, and then know that this strengthens the heart something more, and keeps melancholy vapours thence by drinking a spoonful of it every morning.

Tinctura Castorii
Or Tincture of Castoreum

College : Take of Castoreum in powder half an ounce, spirit of Castoreum half a pound, digest them ten days cold, strain it, and keep the Liquor for Tincture.

Culpeper : A learned invention! 'Tis something more prevalent than the spirit.

Tinctura Fragroram
Or Tincture of Strawberries

College : Take of ripe Wood-strawberries two pounds, put them in a phial, and put so much small spirits of Wine to them, that it may overtop them the thickness of four fingers, stop the vessel close, and set it in the sun two days, then strain it, and press it but gently; pour this spirit to as many fresh Strawberries, repeat this six times, at last keep the clear liquor for your use.

Culpeper : A fine thing for Gentlemen that have nothing else to do with their money, and it will have a lovely look to please their eyes.

Tinctura Scordii
Or Tincture of Scordium

College : Take of the leaves of Scordium gathered in a dry time, half a pound, digest them in six pounds of small spirits of Wine, in a vessel well stopped, for three days, press them out gently, and repeat the infusion three times, and keep the clarified liquor for use.

So is made Tincture of Celandine, Restharrow, and Rosa-solis.

Culpeper : See the herbs for the virtues, and then take notice that these are better for cold stomachs, old bodies.

Tinctura Theriacalis vulgo Aqua Theriacalis Ludg. per infus.
Or Tincture of Treacle

College : Take of Canary Wine often times distilled, Vinegar in which half an ounce of Rue seeds have been boiled, two pounds choice treacle, the best Mithridate, of each half a pound; mix them and set them in the sun, or heat of a bath, digest them, and keep the water for use.

Tinctura Cinnamoni, vulgo, Aqua Clareta Cinnam.
Or Tincture of Cinnamon

College : Take of bruised Cinnamon two ounces, rectified spirits of Wine two pounds, infuse them four days in a large glass stopped with cork and bladder, shake it twice a day, then dissolve half a pound of Sugar Candy by itself in two pounds of Rose Water, mix both liquors, into which hang a nodule containing, Ambergris half a scruple, Musk four grains.

Tinctura Viridis
Or a green Tincture

College : Take of Verdigris, half an ounce, Auripigmentum six drams, Alum three drams, boil them in a pound of white Wine till half be consumed, adding, after it is cold, the water of red Roses, and Nightshade, of each six ounces.

Culpeper : This was made to cleanse ulcers, but I fancy it not.

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