Clove-gilliflowers, of each one ounce, Diatrion Sentalon six drams: let all of them, being rightly prepared, be infused three days, then distilled in a glass still: to the distilled Liquor add earth of Lemnos, Siletia, and Samos, of each one ounce and an half, Pearls prepared with the juice of Citrons, three drams, mix them, and keep them together.

Culpeper : It mightily cools the blood, and therefore profitable in fevers, and all diseases proceeding of heat of blood; it provokes sleep. You may take half an ounce at a time, or two drams if the party be weak.

Aqua Theriacalis
Or Treacle Water

College : Take of the juice of green Walnuts, four pounds, the juice of Rue three pounds, juice of Carduus, Marigolds, and Bawm, of each two pounds, green Petasitis roots one pound and a half, the roots of Burs one pound, Angelica and Master-wort, of each half a pound, the leaves of Scordium four handfuls, old Venice Treacle, Mithridates, of each eight ounces, Canary Wine twelve pounds, Vinegar six pounds, juice of Lemons two pounds, digest them two days, either in Horse-dung, or in a bath, the vessel being close shut, then distil them in sand; in the distillation you may make a Theriacal extraction.

Culpeper : This water is exceeding good in all fevers, especially pestilential; it expels venomous humours by sweat; it strengthens the heart and vitals; it is an admirable counter-poison, special good for such as have the plague, or are poisoned, or bitten by venomous beasts, and expels virulent humours from such as have the venereal disease. If you desire to know more virtues of it, see the virtues of Venice Treacle. The dose is from a spoonful to an ounce.

Aqua Brioniæ composita
Or Briony Water compound

College : Take of the juice of Briony roots, four pounds, the leaves of Rue and Mugwort, of each two pounds, dryed Savin three handfuls, Featherfew, Nep, Pennyroyal, of each two handfuls, Bazil, Dittany, of Crete, of each one handful and a half, Orange pills four ounces, Myrrh two ounces, Castoreum one ounce, Canary Wine twelve pounds, digest them four days in a convenient vessel, then still them in Balneo Mariæ. About the middle of the distillation strain it out, and make an Hysterical extraction of the residue.

Culpeper : A spoonful of it taken, eases the fits of the mother in women that have them; it potently expels the afterbirth, and clears the body of what a midwife by heedlessness or accident hath left behind; it cleanses the womb exceedingly, and for that I fancy it much, take not above a tasterful at a time, and then in the morning fasting, for it is of a purging quality, and let pregnant women forbear it.

Aqua Imperialis
Or Imperial Water

College : Take of dried Citron, and Orange pills, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cinnamon, of each two ounces, the roots of Cypress, Orris, Florentine, Calamus Aromaticus, of each one ounce, Zedoary Galanga, Ginger, of each half an ounce, the tops of Lavender and Rosemary, of each two handfuls, the leaves of Bay, Marjoram, Bawm, Mints, Sage, Thyme, of each one handful, the flowers of white and Damask Roses fresh, of each half a handful, Rosewater four pounds, white Wine eight pounds, let all of them be bruised and infused twenty four hours, then distil them according to art.

Culpeper : You must distil it in a bath, and not in sand. It comforts and strengthens the heart against faintings and swoonings, and is held to be a preservative against consumptions and apoplexies. You may take half a spoonful at a time.

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