Spiritus et Aqua Absinthis minus Composita
Or, Spirit and water of Wormwood, the lesser composition

College : Take of the leaves of dryed Wormwood two pounds, Annis seeds, half a pound: steep them in six gallons of small wine twenty four hours, then distil them in an Alembick, adding to every pound of the distilled water two ounces of the best Sugar.

Let the two first pound you draw out be called Spirit of Wormwood, those which follow, Wormwood water the lesser composition.

Culpeper : I like this distinction of the College very well, because what is first stilled out, is far stronger than the rest, and therefore very fitting to be kept by itself: you may take which you please, according as the temperature of your body, either to heat or cold, and the season of year requires.

It hath the same virtues Wormwood hath, only fitter to be used by such whose bodies are chilled by age, and whose natural heat abates. You may search the herbs for the virtues, it heats the stomach, and helps digestion.

College : After the same manner (only omitting the Annis seeds) is distilled spirit and water of Angelica, both Herb and Root, Bawm, Mints, Sage, &c. the Flowers of Rosemary, Clary, Clove-gilliflowers, &c. the seeds of Caraway, &c. Juniper-berries, Orange Pills, Lemons, Citrons, &c. Cinnamon, Nutmegs, &c.

Spiritus et Aqua Absynthii magis composita
Or spirit and water of Wormwood, the greater composition

College : Take of common and Roman Wormwood, of each a pound; Sage, Mints, Bawm, of each two handfuls; the Roots of Galanga, Ginger, Calamus, Aromaticus, Elecampane, of each three drachms; Liquorice, an ounce, Raisins of the Sun stoned, three ounces, Annis seeds, and sweet Fennel seeds, of each three drachms; Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmegs, of each two drachms; Cardamoms, Cubebs, of each one drachm: let the things be cut that are to be cut, and the things be bruised that are to be bruised, all of them infused in twenty four pints of Spanish wine, for twenty four hours, then, distilled in an Alembick, adding two ounces of white sugar to every pint of distilled water.

Let the first pint be called Spirit of Wormwood the greater composition.

Culpeper : The opinion of Authors is, That it heats the stomach, and strengthens it and the lungs, expels wind, and helps digestion in ancient people.

Spiritus et Aqua Angelica magis composita
Or Spirit and water of Angelica, the greater composition

College : Take of the leaves of Angelica eight ounces, of Carduus Benedictus six ounces, of Bawm and Sage, of each four ounces, Angelica seeds six ounces; sweet Fennel seeds nine ounces. Let the herbs, being dryed, and the seeds be grossly bruised, to which add of the species called Aromaticum Rosarum, and of the species called Diamoschu Dulce, of each an ounce and a half, infuse them two days in thirty two pints of Spanish Wine, then distil them with a gentle fire, and with every pound mix two ounces of sugar dissolved in Rose-water.

Let the three first pounds be called by the name of Spirit, the rest by the name of water.

Culpeper : The chief end of composing this medicine, was to strengthen the heart and resist infection, and therefore is very wholesome in pestilential times, and for such as walk in stinking air.

I shall now quote you their former receipt in their former dispensatory.

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