In the reins and bladder. Endive, Succory, Winter Cherries, Plantain, Water Lilies, Strawberries, Houseleek or Sengreen, black Cherries.

In the womb. Endive, Succory, Lettice, Water Lilies, Purslain, Roses. Simple waters which are hot, concoct either flegm or melancholy.

Waters concocting flegm in the head,are

Bettony, Sage, Marjoram, Chamomel, Fennel, Calaminth, Rosemary-flowers, Primroses, Eye-bright.

In the breast and lungs. Maiden-hair, Bettony, Hysop, Horehound, Carduus Benedictus, Scabious, Orris, or Flower-de-luces, Bawm, Self-heal, &c.

In the heart. Bawm, Rosemary.

In the stomach. Wormwood, Mints, Fennel, Chervil, Time, Mother of Time, Marigolds.

In the liver. Wormwood, Centaury, Origanum, Marjoram, Maudlin, Costmary, Agrimony, Fennel.

In the spleen. Water-cresses, Wormwood, Calaminth.

In the reins and bladder. Rocket, Nettles, Saxifrage, Pellitory of the Wall, Alicampane, Burnet.

In the womb. Mugwort, Calaminth, Penny-royal, Savin, Mother of Time, Lovage.

Waters concocting Melancholy in the head, are

Hops, Fumitory.

The breast. Bawm, Carduus Benedictus.

The heart. Borrage, Bugloss, Bawm, Rosemary.

The liver. Endive, Chicory, Hops.

The spleen. Dodder, Hart's-tongue, Tamarisk, Time.

Having thus ended the appropriation, I shall speak briefly of the virtues of distilled waters.

Lettice water cools the blood when it is over-heated, for when it is not, it needs no cooling: it cools the head and liver, stays hot vapours ascending to the head, and hinders sleep; it quenches immoderate thirst, and breeds milk in nurses, distil it in May.

Purslain water cools the blood and liver, quenches thirst, helps such as spit blood, have hot coughs, or pestilences.

The distilled water of water Lily-flower, cools the blood and the bowels, and all internal parts of the body; helps such as have the yellow jaundice, hot coughs and pleurisies, the head-ache, coming of heat, fevers pestilential and not pestilential, as also hectic fevers.

The water of Violet flowers, cools the blood, the heart, liver and lungs, over-heated, and quenches an insatiable desire of drinking, they are in their prime about the latter end of March, or beginning of April, according as the year falls out.

The water of Sorrel cools the blood, heart, liver, and spleen. If Venice Treacle be given with it, it is profitable in pestilential fevers, distil it in May.

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