Simple Distilled Waters

Of fresh Roots of

Briony, Onions, Elecampane, Orris, or Flower-de-luce, Turnips.

Of flowers and buds of

Southernwood, both sorts of Wormwood, Wood Sorrel, Lady's-Mantle, Marsh-mallows, Angelica, Pimpernel with purple flowers, Smallage, Columbines, Sparagus, Mouse-ear, Borrage, Shepherd's Purse, Calaminth, Woodbine or Honey-suckles, Carduus Benedictus, our Lady's Thistles, Knotgrass, Succory, Dragons, Colt's-foot, Fennel, Goat's Rue, Grass, Hyssop, Lettice, Lovage, Toad-flax, Hops, Marjoram, Mallows, Horehound, Featherfew, Bawm, Mints, Horse-mints, Water Cresses, English Tobacco, white Poppies, Pellatory of the Wall, Parsley, Plantain, Purslain, Self-heal, Pennyroyal, Oak leaves, Sage, Scabious, Figwort or Throatwort, Houseleek, or Sengreen, the greater and lesser Mother of Time, Nightshade, Tansy, Tormentil, Valerian.

Of Flowers of

Oranges, (if you can get them) Blue-bottle the greater, Beans, Water-Lilies, Lavender, Nut-tree, Cowslips, Sloes, Rosemary, Roses white, damask, and red, Satyrien, Lime-tree, Clove-gilliflowers, Violets.

Of Fruits of

Oranges, Black Cherries, Pome Citrons, Quinces, Cucumbers, Strawberries, Winter Cherries, Lemons, Rasberries, unripe Walnuts, Apples.

Of parts of living Creatures and their excrements

Lobsters, Cockles, or Snails, Hartshorn, Bullocks dung made in May, Swallows, Earthworms, Magpies, Spawn of Frogs.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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