Pyrites heat and cleanse, take away dimness of sight. Dioscorides. Lapis Asius binds and moderately corrodes and cleanses filthy ulcers, and fills them up with flesh; being mixed with honey, and applied to the place, is an admirable remedy for the gout.

Chrystal being beaten into very fine powder, and a dram of it taken at a time helps the bloody-flux, stops the Fluor Albus, and increases milk in Nurses. Mathiolus.

Lapis Samius is cooling and binding, it is very comfortable to the stomach, but it dulls the senses, helps fluxes of the eyes and ulcers.

Geodetes binds and drys, being beaten into powder and mixed with water, and applied to the place, takes away inflammations of the Testicles.

Pumice-stone being beaten into powder and the teeth rubbed with it, cleanses them. Dioscorides.

Jet, it is of a softening and discussing nature, it resists the fits of the mother.

Lapis Arabicus being beaten into powder, and made into an ointment helps the hemorrhoids.

Ostracites, a dram of it taken in powder provokes the menses; being taken after that purgation, causes conception, also being made into an ointment, helps inflammations of the breast.

Myexis being borne about one takes away pains in the reins, and hinders the breeding of the stone.

Lapis Armenius purges melancholy, and also causes vomiting, I hold it not very safe for our English bodies, and therefore I will speak no more of it.

Explanation of certain Vacuations

The five opening Roots.
Smallage, Sparagus, Fennel, Parsley, Knee-holly.

The two opening Roots.
Fennel, Parsley.

The five emolient Herbs.
Marsh-mallows, Mallows, Beets, Mercury, Pellitory of the Wall, Violet Leaves.

The five Capillary Herbs.
Maidenhair, Wall Rue, Cetrach, Hart's-tongue, Politricum.

The four cordial Flowers.
Borrage, Bugloss, Roses, Violets.

The four greater hot Seeds, Carminative, or breaking wind.
Annis, Carraway, Cummin, Fennel.

The four lesser hot seeds.
Bishop's weed, Amomus, Smallage, Carrots.

The four greater cold seeds.
Citrul, Cucumber, Gourds, Melon.

The four lesser cold seeds.
Succory, Endive, Lettice, Purslain.

Five fragments of precious stones.
Granite, Jacinth, Sapphire, Sardine, Emerald.

The right worshipful, the College of Physicians of London in their New Dispensatory give you free leave to distil these common waters that follow, but they never intend you should know what they are good for.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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