Metals, Stones, Salts, And Other Minerals

Ver-de-grease, Scales of Brass, Ætitis, Alana Terra, Alabaster, Alectorions, Alum Seisile and Roach Amethist, Amianth, Amphelites, Antimony, leaves and filings of Silver, Quick Silver, Lapis, Armenius, native Arsenic, both white and red, artificial Arsenic, white and realgar, Argilla, Asteria, leaves and filings of Gold, Belemites, Berril, Bolearmenick, Borrax, Toad-stone, Lapis Calaminatis, Cadmia, Lime quick and quenched, Vitriol, white, blue, and green, Steel, Borrax, Chrisolite, Chrisopus, Cynabris, native and artificial, Whetstones, Chalk, white and green, Crystal, Diphriges, the rust, dust, scales, and flakes of Iron, Granite, Mortar, such as walls are daubed with, Hematitis, Heliotropium, Jacinth, Hyber, Nicius, Jasper, Lapis Judacious, Tiles, Lapis Lazuly, Lapis Lincis, Lithanthrax, Litharge of Silver and Gold, Loadstone, Marchasite, or fire stone Marble, Red Lead, native and artificial, Miss, Naptha, Lapis Nephriticus, Nitre, Oaker yellow and red, Onyx, Opalus, Ophytes, Ostcocolla Lead white and black, Plumbago, Pompholix, Marchasite, Realgar, Ruby, red Oaker, Sal Armoniach, Sal Gem, and salt Nitre, Saphyr and Sardine, Selenitis, Flints, Emerald, Smiris, Sori, Spodium, Pewter, Brimstone, quick and common, Talth, Earth of Cimolia, Sames, Lemnos, Sylesia, Topas, Alana, Terra, Tutty, Vitriol, white, blue, and green.

Precious stones alter by a way manifest or hidden

By a way manifest, they are hot, in the first degree. Hemetitis, Pyritis, Lopis Asius, Thyitis, Smyres, Lapis Schistus.

Precious stones cold, are in the first degree. Jacinth, Saphyr, Emerald, Cristal, Lapis Samius, Lapis Phrigius.

In the second degree. Ruby, Carbuncle, Granite, Sardony.

In the fourth degree. Diamond.

In respect of property, they bind, as Lapis Asius, Nectius, Geodes, Pumice-stone.

Emolient, as Alabaster, Jet, Lapis Thrasius.

Stupify, as Memphitis, Jasper, Ophites.

Clease, as Lapis Arabicus.

Glutinate, as Galactitis, Melites.

Scarify, as Morochtus.

Break the stone, as Lapis Lyncis, Lapis Judaicus, Lapis Sponge.

Retain the fruit in the womb, as Ætitis, Jasper.

Provoke the menses. Ostracites.

Stones altering by a hidden property (as they call it,) are

Bezoar, Topaz, Lapis Colubrinus, Toad-stone, Emerald, Alectorius, Calcidonius, Amethist, Saphyr, Jasper, Lapis Nephriticus, Lapis Tibernum, Lapis Spongites, the stone found in the maw of a Swallow, Load- stone, Lapis Vulturis, Merucius, Coral, Lynturius, Jet, Ætites, the stones of Crabs, Amber, Crystal, &c.

The Load-stone purges gross humours.

Lapis Armenius and Lapis Lazuli, purge melancholy.

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