College : Sorrel, Agnus Castus, Marsh-mallows, Bishop's weed true and common, Amomus, Dill, Angellica, Annis, Rose-seed, Smallage, Columbines, Sparagus, Arach, Oats, Oranges, Burdocks, Bazil, Barberries, Cotton, Bruscus or Knee-holly, Hemp, Cardamoms greater and lesser, Carduus Benedictus, our Lady's Thistles, Bastard, Saffron, Caraway, Spurge greater and lesser, Coleworts, Onions, the Kernels of Cherry stones, Chervil, Succory, Hemlock, Citrons, Citruls, Garden Scurvy-grass, Colocynthis, Coriander, Samphire, Cucumbers, garden and wild, Gourds, Quinces, Cummin, Cynosbatus, Date-stones, Carrots, English, and cretish, Dwarf-Elder, Endive, Rocket, Hedge Mustard, Orobus, Beans, Fennel, Fenugreek, Ash- tree keys, Fumitory, Brooms, Grains of Paradise, Pomegranates, wild Rue, Alexanders, Barley, white Henbane, St. John's Wort, Hyssop, Lettice, Sharp-pointed-Dock, Spurge, Laurel, Lentils, Lovage, Lemons, Ash-tree-keys, Linseed, or Flaxweed, Gromwell, Darnel, Sweet Trefoil, Lupines, Masterwort, Marjoram, Mallows, Mandrakes, Melons, Medlars, Mezereon, Gromwell, sweet Navew, Nigella, the kernels of Cherries, Apricots, and Peaches, Bazil, Orobus, Rice Panick, Poppies white and black, Parsnips garden and wild. Thorough Wax, Parsley, English and Macedonian, Burnet, Pease, Plantain, Peony, Leeks, Purslain, Fleawort, Turnips, Radishes, Sumach, Spurge, Roses, Rue, garden and wild, Wormseed, Saxifrage, Succory, Sesami, Hartwort, common and cretish, Mustardseed, Alexanders, Nightshade, Steves Ager, Sumach, Treacle Mustard, sweet Trefoil, Wheat, both the fine flour and the bran, and that which starch is made of, Vetches or Tares, Violets, Nettles, common and Roman, the stones of Grapes, Greek Wheat, or Spelt Wheat.

Culpeper : That you may receive a little more benefit by these, than the bare reading of them, which doth at the most but tell you what they are; the following method may instruct you what they are good for.

Seeds are hot in the first degree

Linseed, Fenugreek, Coriander, Rice, Gromwell, Lupines.

In the second. Dill, Smallage, Orobus, Rocket, Bazil, Nettles.

In the third. Bishop's Weed, Annis, Amomus, Carraway, Fennel, (and so I believe Smallage too, let authors say what they will, for if the herb of Smallage be somewhat hotter than Parsley; I know little reason why the seed should not be so hot) Cardamoms, Parsley, Cummin, Carrots, Nigella, Navew, Hartwort, Staves Ager.

In the fourth. Water-cresses, Mustard-seed.

Cold in the first degree. Barley, &c.

In the second. Endive, Lettice, Purslain, Succory, Gourds, Cucumbers, Melons, Citruls, Pompions, Sorrel, Nightshade.

In the third. Henbane, Hemlock, Poppies white and black.

Moist in the first degree. Mallows, &c.

Dry in the first degree. Beans, Fennel, Fenugreek, Barley, Wheat, &c.

In the second. Orobus, Lentils, Rice, Poppies, Nightshade, and the like.

In the third. Dill, Smallages, Bishop's Weed, Annis, Caraway, Cummin, Coriander, Nigella, Gromwell, Parsley.

Appropriated to the body of man, and so they

Heat the head. Fennel, Marjoram, Peony, &c.

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