The heart. Walnuts, Nutmegs, Juniper berries.

The stomach. Sweet Almonds, Cloves, Ben, Juniper berries, Nutmegs, Pine Nuts, Olives.

The spleen. Capers.

The reins and bladder. Bitter Almonds, Juniper Berries, Cubebs, Pine Nuts, Raisins of the sun.

The womb. Walnuts, Nutmegs, Bay-berries, Juniper berries.

Cool the breast. Sebastens, Prunes, Oranges, Lemons.

The heart. Oranges, Lemons, Citrons, Pomegranates, Quinces, Pears.

The stomach. Quinces, Citruls, Cucumbers, Gourds, Musk Melons, Pompions, Cherries, Gooseberries, Cornelian Cherries, Lemons, Apples, Medlars, Oranges, Pears, English Currants, Cervices or Checkers.

The liver. Those that cool the stomach and Barberries.

The reins and womb. Those that cool the stomach, and Strawberries.

By their several operations, some

Bind. As the berries of Mirtles, Barberries, Chestnuts, Cornels, or Cornelian Cherries, Quinces, Galls, Acorns, Acorn-cups, Medlars, Checkers or Cervices, Pomegranates, Nutmegs, Olives, Pears, Peaches.

Discuss. Capers, all the sorts of Pepper.

Extenuate. Sweet and bitter Almonds, Bayberries, Juniper berries.

Glutinate. Acorns, Acorn Cups, Dates, Raisins of the sun, Currants.

Expel Wind. Bay berries, Juniper berries, Nutmegs, all the sorts of Pepper.

Breed Seed. Raisins of the sun, sweet Almonds, Pine Nuts, Figs, &c.

Provoke urine. Winter Cherries.

Provoke the terms. Ivy berries, Capers, &c.

Stop the terms. Barberries, &c.

Resist poison. Bay berries, Juniper berries, Walnuts, Citrons, commonly called Pome Citrons, all the sorts of Pepper.

Ease pain. Bay berries, Juniper berries, Ivy berries, Figs, Walnuts, Raisins, Currants, all the sorts of Pepper.

Fruits purging

Choler. Cassia Fistula, Citron Myrobalans, Prunes, Tamarinds, Raisins.

Melancholy. Indian Myrobalans.

Flegm. Colocynthis and wild Cucumbers purge violently, and therefore not rashly to be meddled withal. I desire my book should be beneficial, not hurtful to the vulgar, but Myrobalans of all sorts, especially Chebs, Bellericks and Emblicks, purge flegm very gently, and without danger.

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