College : Winter-cherries, Love Apples, Almonds sweet and bitter, Anacardia, Oranges, Hazel Nuts, the oily Nut Ben, Barberries, Capers, Guinny Pepper, Figs, Carpobalsamum, Cloves, Cassia Fistula, Chestnuts, Cherries, black and red, Cicers, white, black and red, Pome Citrons, Coculus Indi, Colocynthis, Currants, Cornels, or Cornelian

Cherries, Cubebs, Cucumbers garden and wild, Gourds, Cynosbatus, Cypress, Cones, Quinces, Dates, Dwarf-Elder, Green Figs, Strawberries, common and Turkey Galls, Acorns, Acorn Cups, Pomegranates, Gooseberries, Ivy, Herb True-Love, Walnuts, Jujubes, Juniper berries, Bayberries, Lemons, Oranges, Citrons, Quinces, Pomegranates, Lemons, Mandrakes, Peaches, Stramonium, Apples, garden and wild, or Crabs and Apples, Musk Melons, Medlars, Mulberries, Myrobalans, Bellericks, Chebs, Emblicks, Citron and Indian, Mirtle, Berries, water Nuts, Hazel Nuts, Chestnuts, Cypress Nuts, Walnuts, Nutmegs, Fistick Nuts, Vomiting Nuts, Olives pickled in brine, Heads of white and black Poppies, Pompions, Peaches, French or Kidney Beans, Pine Cones, white black and long Pepper, Fistick Nuts, Apples and Crabs, Prunes, French and Damask, Sloes, Pears, English Currants, Berries of Purging Thorn, black Berries, Raspberries, Elder berries, Sebastens, Services, or Checkers, Hawthorn berries, Pine Nuts, Water Nuts, Grapes, Gooseberries, Raisins, Currants.

Culpeper : That you may reap benefit by these, be pleased to consider, that they are some of them.

Temperate in respect of heat. Raisins of the sun, Currants, Figs, Pine Nuts, Dates, Sebastens.

Hot in the first degree. Sweet Almonds, Jujubes, Cypress Nuts, green Hazel Nuts, green Walnuts.

Hot in the second degree. The Nut Ben, Capers, Nutmegs, dry Walnuts, dry Hazel Nuts, Fistick Nuts.

In the third degree. Juniper Berries, Cloves Carpobalsamum, Cubebs, Anacardium, bitter Almonds.

In the fourth degree. Pepper, white, black and long, Guinny Pepper.

Cold in the first degree. The flesh of Citrons, Quinces, Pears, Prunes, &c.

In the second. Gourds, Cucumbers, Melons, Pompions, Oranges, Lemons, Citrons, Pomegranates, viz. the juice of them, Peaches, Prunes, Galls, Apples.

In the third. Mandrakes.

In the fourth. Stramonium.

Moist in the first degree. The flesh of Citrons, Lemons, Oranges, viz. the inner rhind which is white, the outer rhind is hot.

In the second. Gourds, Melons, Peaches, Prunes, &c.

Dry in the first degree. Juniper Berries.

In the second. The Nut Ben, Capers, Pears, Fistick Nuts, Pine Nuts, Quinces, Nutmegs, Bay berries.

In the third. Cloves, Galls, &c.

In the fourth. All sorts of Pepper.

As appropriated to the body of Man, so they heat the head: as

Anacardia, Cubebs, Nutmegs.

The breast. Bitter Almonds, Dates, Cubebs, Hazel Nuts, Pine Nuts, Figs, Raisins of the sun, Jujubes.

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