The heart. Bawm, Rosemary flowers, Borrage, Bugloss, Saffron, Spikenard.

The stomach. Rosemary-flowers, Spikenard, Schœnanth.

The liver. Centaury, Schœnanth, Elder, Bettony, Chamomel, Spikenard.

The spleen. Bettony, Wall-flowers.

The reins and bladder. Bettony, Marsh-mallows, Melilot, Schœnanth, Spikenard.

The womb. Bettony, Squinanth or Schœnanth, Sage, Orris or Flower-de-luce.

The joints. Rosemary-flowers, Cowslips, Chamomel, Melilot.

Flowers, as they are cooling, so they cool

The head. Violets, Roses, the three sorts of Poppies, and Water-lilies.

The breast and heart. Violets, Red Roses, Water-lilies.

The stomach. Red Roses, Violets.

The liver and spleen. Endive, and Succory.

Violets, Borrage, and Bugloss, moisten the heart, Rosemary-flowers, Bawm and Bettony, dry it.

According to property, so they bind

Balaustins, Saffron, Succory, Endive, red-roses, Melilot, Bawm, Clove-gilliflowers, Agnus Castus.

Discuss. Dill, Chamomel, Marsh-mallows, Mallows, Melilot, Stœchas, &c.

Cleanse. Damask-roses, Elder flowers, Bean flowers, &c.

Extenuate. Orris, or Flower-de-luce, Chamomel, Melilot, Stœchas, &c.

Mollify. Saffron, white Lilies, Mallows, Marsh-mallows, &c.

Suppure. Saffron, white Lilies, &c.

Glutinate. Balaustines, Centaury, &c.

Provoke the terms. Bettony, Centaury, Chamomel, Schœnanth, Wall-flowers, Bawm, Peony, Rosemary, Sage.

Stop the terms. Balaustines, or Pomegranate flowers, Water Lilies.

Expel wind. Dill, Chamomel, Schœnanth, Spikenard.

Help burnings. White Lilies, Mallows, Marsh-mallows.

Resist poison. Bettony, Centaury.

Ease pain. Dill, Chamomel, Centaury, Melilot, Rosemary.

Flowers purge choler. Peach flowers, Damask Roses, Violets.

Flegm. Broom flowers, Elder flowers.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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