In the second. Common and Roman Wormwood, Maudlin, Lady's Mantle, Pimpernel male and female, Dill, Smallage, Mugwort, Costmary, Betony, Oak of Jerusalem, Marigold, Cuckoo-flowers, Carduus Benedictus, Centaury the less, Chamepitys, Scurvy-grass, Indian Leaf, Broom, Alehoof, Alexanders, Double-tongue, or Tongue-blade, Archangel, or dead Nettles, Bay Leaves, Marjoram, Horehound, Bawm, Mercury, Devil's- bit, Tobacco, Parsley, Poley mountain, Rosemary, Sage, Sanicle, Scabious, Senna, Soldanella, Tansy, Vervain, Perewinkle.

In the third degree. Southernwood male and female, Brooklime, Angelica, Briony white and black, Calaminth, Germander, Sullendine, Pilewort, Fleabane, Dwarf Elder, Epithimun, Bank-cresses, Clary, Glasswort, Lavender, Lovage, Herb Mastich, Featherfew, Mints, Water-cresses, Origanum, biting Arsmart, called in Latin Hydropiper (the college confounds this with Persicaria, or mild Arsmart, which is cold), Sneezewort, Pennyroyal, Rue, Savin, summer and winter Savory, Mother of Time, Lavender, Spike, Time, Nettles.

In the fourth degree. Sciatica-cresses, Stone-crop, Dittany, or Pepper-wort, garden-cresses, Leeks, Crowfoot, Rosa Solis, Spurge.

Herbs cold in the first degree. Sorrel, Wood-sorrel, Arach, Burdock, Shepherd's-purse, Pellitory of the wall, Hawk-weed, Mallows, Yarrow, mild Arsmart, called Persicaria, Burnet, Coltsfoot, Violets.

Cold in the second degree. Chickweed, wild Tansy, or Silverweed, Daisies, Knotgrass, Succory, Buck- horn, Plantain, Dandelyon, Endive, Fumitory, Strawberry leaves, Lettice, Duck-meat, Plantain, Purslain, Willow leaves.

In the third degree. Sengreen, or Houseleek, Nightshade.

In the fourth degree. Hemlock, Henbane, Mandrakes, Poppies.

Herbs dry in the first degree. Agrimony, Marsh-mallows, Cleavers, Burdocks, Shepherds-purse, our Lady's Thistle, Chervil, Chamomel, Eye-bright, Cowslips, Hawkweed, Tongue-blade, or double tongue, Melilot, mild Arsmart, Self-heal, Senna, Flixweed, Colts-foot, Perewinkle.

Dry in the second degree. Common and Roman Wormwood, Sorrel, Wood-sorrel, Maudlin, Lady's mantle, Pimpernel male and female, Dill, Smallage, wild Tansy, or Silverweed, Mugwort, Distaff Thistle, Costmary, Betony, Bugle, Cuckooflowers, Carduus Benedictus, Avens, Centaury the less, Chicory, commonly called Succory, Scurvy-grass, Buckhorn, Plantain, Dandelyon, Endive, Indian Leaf, Strawberry leaves, Fumitory, Broom, Alehoof, Alexanders, Archangel, or Dead Nettles, white and red, Bay Leaves, Marjoram, Featherfew, Bawm, Mercury, Devil's-bit, Tobacco, Parsley, Burnet, Plantain, Rosemary, Willow Leaves, Sage, Santicle, Scabious, Soldanella, Vervain.

Dry in the third degree. Southernwood, male and female, Brooklime, Angelica, Briony, white and black, Calamint, Germander, Chamepitys, Selandine, Pilewort, Fleabane, Epithinum, Dwarf-Elder, Bank cresses, Clary, Glasswort, Lavender, Lovage, Horehound, Herb Mastic, Mints, Watercresses, Origanum, Cinquefoil, hot Arsmart, Poley mountain, Sneezewort, Penny-royal, Rue, or herb of Grace, Savin winter and summer Savory, Mother of Time, Lavender, Silk, Tansy, Time, Trefoil.

In the fourth degree. Garden-cresses, wild Rue, Leeks, Onions, Crowfoot, Rosa Solis, Garlic, Spurge.

Herbs moist in the first degree. Borrage, Bugloss, Marigolds, Pellitory of the wall, Mallows, Bazil.

In the fourth degree. Chickweed, Arach, Daisies, Lettice, Duck-meat, Purslain, Sow Thistles, Violets, Water-lilies.

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