College : Southernwood male and female. Wormwood, common, Roman, and such as bear Wormseed, Sorrel, wood Sorrel, Maiden-hair common, white or wall Rue, black and golden Maudlin, Agremony, Vervain, Mallow, Ladies Mantle, Chickweed, Marshmallows, and Pimpernel both male and female, Water Pimpernel, Dill, Angelica, Smallage, Goose-grass, or Cleavers, Columbine, wild Tansie, or Silver Weed, Mugwort, Asarabacca, Woodroofe, Arach, Distaff Thistle, Mousear, Costmary, or Alcost, Burdock greater and lesser, Brooklime, or water Pimpernel, Beets white, red, and black, Betony of the wood and water. Daisies greater and lesser, Blite, Mercury, Borrage, Oak of Jerusalem, Cabbages, Sodonella, Briony white and black, Bugloss, Buglesse, Shepherd's Purse, Ox-eye, Box leaves, Calaminth of the Mountains and Fens, Ground Pine, Wood-bine, or Honey-suckles, Lady-smocks, Marygolds, Our Lady's Thistle, Carduus Benedictus, Avens, small Spurge, Horse-tail, Coleworts, Centaury the less, Knotgrass, Cervil, Germander, Camomile, Chamepytis female Southernwood, Chelene, Pilewort, Chicory, Hemlock, garden and sea Scurvy-grass, Fleawort, Comfry great, middle, or bugle, least or Daisies, Sarasens, Confound, Buck-horn, Plantain, May weed, (or Margweed, as we in Sussex call it) Orpine, Sampeer, Crosewort, Dodder, Blue Bottle great and small, Artichokes, Houndstone, Cypress leaves, Dandelion, Dittany of Treet, Box leaves, Teazles garden and wild, Dwarff Elder, Viper's Bugloss, Lluellin, Smallage, Endive, Elecampane, Horsetail, Epithimum, Groundsel, Hedge-mustard, Spurge, Agrimony, Maudlin, Eye-bright, Orpine, Fennel, Sampeer, Fillipendula, Indian leaf, Strawberry leaves, Ash tree leaves, Fumitory, Goat's Rue, Lady's Bedstraw, Broom, Muscatu, Herb Robert, Doves Foot, Cottonweed, Hedge Hyssop, Tree Ivy, Ground Ivy, or Alehoof, Elecampane, Pellitory of the wall, Liverwort, Cowslips, Rupture-wort, Hawkweed, Monk's Rhubarb, Alexanders, Clary garden and wild, Henbane, St. John's-wort, Horsetongue, or double tongue, Hysop, Sciatica cresses, small Sengreen, Sharewort, Woods, Reeds, Schænanth, Chamepitys, Glasswort, Lettice, Lagobus, Arch-angel, Burdock great and small, Lavender, Laurel, Bay leaves, English and Alexandrian, Duckweed, Dittander, or Pepper-wort, Lovage, Privet, Sea bugloss, Toad flax, Harts- tongue, sweet Trefoil, Wood-sorrel, Hops, Willow-herb, Marjoram, common and tree Mallows, Mandrake, Horehound white and black, Herb Mastich, Featherfew, Woodbine, Melilot, Bawm garden and water, Mints, Horse-mints, Mercury, Mezereon, Yarrow, Devil's-bit, Moss, sweet Chivil, Mirtle leaves, Garden and water Cresses, Nep, Tobacco, Money-wort, Water Lilies, Bazil, Olive Leaves, Rest-harrow, Adder's Tongue, Origanum, sharp-pointed Dock, Poppy, white, black, and red, or Erratick, Pellitory of the Wall, Cinquefoil, Ars-smart spotted and not spotted, Peach Leaves, Thoroughwax, Parsley, Hart's Tongue, Valerian, Mouse-ear, Burnet, small Spurge, Plantain common and narrow leaved, Mountain and Cretick Poley, Knotgrass, Golden Maidenhair, Poplar leaves and buds, Leeks, Purslain, Silverweed, or wild Tansy, Horehound white and black, Primroses, Self-heal, Field Pellitory, or Sneezewort, Penny-royal, Fleabane, Lungwort, Winter-green, Oak leaves and buds, Docks, common Rue, Wall Rue or white Maidenhair, wild Rue, Savin, Osier Leaves, Garden Sage the greater and lesser, Wild Sage, Elder leaves and buds, Marjorum, Burnet, Sanicle, Sopewort, Savory, White Saxifrage, Scabious, Chicory, Schœnanth, Clary, Scordium, Figwort, House-leek, or Sengreen the greater and lesser, Groundsel, Senna leaves and pods, Mother of Time, Solomon's Seal, Alexanders, Nightshade, Soldanela, Sow-thistles, smooth and rough, Flixweed, common Spike, Spinach, Hawthorn, Devil's-bit, Comfry, Tamarisk leaves, Tansy, Dandelyon, Mullen or Higcaper, Time, Lime tree leaves, Spurge, Tormentil, common and golden Trefoil, Wood-sorrel, sweet Trefoil, Colt's-foot, Valerian, Mullen, Vervain, Paul's Bettony, Lluellin, Violets, Tansy, Perewinkles, Swallow-wort, golden Rod, Vine leaves, Mead-sweet, Elm leaves, Navel-wort, Nettles, common and Roman, Archangel, or dead Nettles, white and red.

Culpeper : These be the herbs as the college set down to look upon we will see if we can translate them in another form to the benefit of the body of man.

Herbs temperate in respect of heat, are common Maiden-hair, Wall-rue, black and golden Maiden-hair, Woodroof, Bugle, Goat's Rue, Hart's-tongue, sweet Trefoil, Flixweed, Cinquefoil, Trefoil, Paul's Bettony, Lluellin.

Intemperate and hot in the first degree, are Agrimony, Marsh-mallows, Goose-grass or Cleavers, Distaff Thistle, Borrage, Bugloss, or Lady's Thistles, Avens, Cetrach, Chervil, Chamomel, Eye-bright, Cowslips, Melilot, Bazil, Self-heal.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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