Bowels. Valerian great and small, Zedoary, Ginger.

Liver. Smallage, Carline Thistle, Sullendine, China, Turmerick,

Fennel, Gentian, Dog-grass, Cinquefoil, Parsley, Smallage, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Rhapontic, Kneeholly.

Spleen. Smallage, Carline Thistle, Fern male and female, Parsley, Water-flag, Asparagus, round Birthwort, Fennel, Capers, Ash, Gentian.

Reins and Bladder. Marshmallows, Smallage, Asparagus, Burdock, Bazil, Valerian, Spatling Poppy, Carline Thistle, China, Cyprus long and round, Fillipendula, Dog grass, Spikenard, Celtic and Indian, Parsly, Knee-holly, white Saxifrage.

Womb. Birthwort long and round, Galanga greater and lesser, Peony male and female, Hog's Fennel.

Fundament. Pilewort.

Joints. Bear's-breech, Hermodactils, Jallap, Mecoacan, Ginger, Costus.

Roots cool the head. Rose root.

Stomach. Sow Thistles, Endive, Succory, Bistort.

Liver. Madder, Endive, Chicory.

Properties of the Roots

Although I confess the properties of the simples may be found out by the ensuing explanation of the terms, and I suppose by that means they were found out at first; and although I hate a lazy student from my heart, yet to encourage young students in the art, I shall quote the chief of them. I desire all lovers of physic to compare them with the explanation of these rules, so shall they see how they agree, so may they be enabled to find out the properties of all simples to their own benefit in physic.

Roots, bind. Cypress, Bistort, Tormentil, Cinquefoil, Bear's breech, Water-flag, Alkanet, Toothwort, &c.

Discuss. Birthwort, Asphodel, Briony, Capers, &c.

Cleanse. Birthwort, Aron, Sparagus, Grass, Asphodel, Celandine, &c.

Open. Asarabacca, Garlic, Leeks, Onions, Rhapontick, Turmerick, Carline Thistle, Succory, Endive, Fillipendula, Fennel, Parsly, Bruscus, Sparagus, Smallage, Gentian, &c.

Extenuate. Orris English and Florentine, Capers, &c.

Burn. Garlick, Onions, Pellitory of Spain, &c.

Mollify. Mallows, Marshmallows, &c.

Suppur. Marshmallows, Briony, white Lillies, &c.

Glutinate. Comfrey, Solomon's Seal, Gentian, Birthwort, Daisies, &c.

Expel Wind. Smallage, Parsly, Fennel, Water-flag, Garlick,

Costus, Galanga, Hog's Fennel, Zedoary, Spikenard Indian, and Celtic, &c.

Breed Seed. Waterflag, Eringo, Satyrian, Galanga, &c.

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