Olibanum mixed with as much Barrow's Grease (beat the Olibanum first in powder) and boiled together, make an ointment which will kill the lice in children's heads, and such as are subject to breed them, will never breed them. A Medicine cheap, safe, and sure, which breeds no annoyance to the brain.

The seeds of Water-cresses, heat, yet trouble the stomach and belly; ease the pains of the spleen, are very dangerous for pregnant women, yet they provoke lust; outwardly applied, they help leprosies, scaly heads, and the falling off of hair, as also carbuncles, and cold ulcers in the joints.

Mustard seed, heats, extenuates, and draws moisture from the brain: the head being shaved and anointed with Mustard, is a good remedy for the lethargy, it helps filthy ulcers, and hard swellings in the mouth, it helps old aches coming of cold.

French Barley, is cooling, nourishing, and breeds milk.

Sorrel seeds, potently resist poison, help fluxes, and such stomachs as loath their meat.

Succory seed, cools the heat of the blood, extinguishes lust, opens stoppings of the liver and bowels, it allays the heat of the body, and produces a good colour, it strengthens the stomach, liver, and reins.

Poppy seeds, ease pain, provoke sleep. Your best way is to make an emulsion of them with barley water.

Mallow seeds, ease pains in the bladder.

Chich-pease, are windy, provoke lust, encrease milk in nurses, provoke the menses, outwardly, they help scabs, itch, and inflammations of the testicles, ulcers, &c.

White Saxifrage seeds, provoke urine, expel wind, and break the stone. Boil them in white wine.

Rue seeds, helps such as cannot hold their water.

Lettice seed, cools the blood, restrains venery.

Also Gourds, Citruls, Cucumbers, Melons, Purslain, and Endive seeds, cool the blood, as also the stomach, spleen, and reins, and allay the heat of fevers. Use them as you were taught to do poppy-seeds.

Wormseed, expels wind, kills worms.

Ash-tree Keys, ease pains in the sides, help the dropsy, relieve men weary with labour, provoke venery, and make the body lean.

Piony seeds, help the Ephialtes, or the disease the vulgar call the Mare, as also the fits of the mother, and other such like infirmities of the womb, stop the menses, and help convulsions.

Broom seed, potently provoke urine, break the stone.

Citron seeds, strengthen the heart, cheer the vital spirit, resist pestilence and poison.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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