Bay-berries, heat, expel wind, mitigate pain; are excellent for cold infirmities of the womb, and dropsies.

Cherries are of different qualities according to their different taste, the sweet are quickest of digestion, but the sour are more pleasing to a hot stomach, and procure appetite to one's meat.

Medlars, are strengthening to the stomach, binding, and the green are more binding than the rotten, and the dry than the green.

Olives, cool and bind.

English-currants, cool the stomach, and are profitable in acute fevers, they quench thirst, resist vomiting, cool the heat of choler, provoke appetite, and are good for hot complexions.

Services, or Chockers are of the nature of Medlars, but something weaker in operation.

Barberries, quench thirst, cool the heat of choler, resist the pestilence, stay vomiting and fluxes, stop the menses, kill worms, help spitting of blood, fasten the teeth, and strengthen the gums.

Strawberries, cool the stomach, liver, and blood, but are very hurtful for such as have agues.

Winter-Cherries, potently provoke urine, and break the stone.

Cassia-fistula, is temperate in quality, gently purgeth choler and flegm, clarifies the blood, resists fevers, cleanses the breast and lungs, it cools the reins, and thereby resists the breeding of the stone, it provokes urine, and therefore is exceeding good for the running of the reins in men, and the Fluor Albus in women.

All the sorts or Myrobalans, purge the stomach; the Indian Myrobalans, are held to purge melancholy most especially, the other flegm; yet take heed you use them not in stoppings of the bowels: they are cold and dry, they all strengthen the heart, brain, and sinews, strengthen the stomach, relieve the senses, take away tremblings and heart-qualms. They are seldom used alone.

Prunes, are cooling and loosening.

Tamarinds, are cold and dry in the second degree, they purge choler, cool the blood, stay vomiting, help the yellow jaundice, quench thirst, cool hot stomachs, and hot livers.

I omit the use of these also as resting confident a child of three years old, if you should give it Raisins of the sun or Cherries, would not ask how it should take them.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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