Alchymilla. Ladies-Mantle. Is hot and dry, some say in the second degree, some say in the third: outwardly it helps wounds, reduces women's breasts that hang down: inwardly, helps bruises, and ruptures, stays vomiting, and the Fluor Albus, and is very profitable for such women as are subject to miscarry through cold and moisture.

Alkanna. Privet hath a binding quality, helps ulcers in the mouth, is good against burnings and scaldings, cherishes the nerves and sinews; boil it in white wine to wash the mouth, and in hog's grease for burnings and scaldings.

Amaracus, Majorana. Marjoram. Some say 'tis hot and dry in the second degree, some advance it to the third. Sweet Marjoram, is an excellent remedy for cold diseases in the brain, being only smelled to helps such as are given to much sighing, easeth pains in the belly, provokes urine, being taken inwardly: you may take a dram of it at a time in powder. Outwardly in oils or salves, it helps sinews that are shrunk; limbs out of joint, all aches and swellings coming of a cold cause.

Angelica. Is hot and dry in the third degree; opens, digests, makes thin, strengthens the heart, helps fluxes, and loathsomeness of meat. It is an enemy to poison and pestilence, provokes menses, and brings away the placanta. You may take a dram of it at a time in powder.

Anagallis, mas, femina. Pimpernel, male and female. They are something hot and dry, and of such a drying quality that they draw thorns and splinters out of the flesh, amend the sight, cleanse ulcers, help infirmities of the liver and reins. Galen.

Anethum. Dill. Is hot and dry in the second degree. It stays vomiting, eases hiccoughs, assuages swellings, provokes urine, helps such as are troubled with fits of the mother, and digests raw humours.

Apium. Smallage. So it is commonly used; but indeed all Parsley is called by the name of Apium, of which this is one kind. It is something hotter and dryer than Parsley, and more efficacious; it opens stoppings of the liver, and spleen, cleanses the blood, provokes the menses, helps a cold stomach to digest its meat, and is good against the yellow jaundice. Both Smallage and Clevers, may be well used in pottage in the morning instead of herbs.

Aparine. Goose-grass, or Clevers. They are meanly hot and dry, cleansing, help the bitings of venomous beasts, keep men's bodies from growing too fat, help the yellow jaundice, stay bleeding, fluxes, and help green wounds. Dioscorides, Pliny, Galen, Tragus.

Aspergula odorata. Wood-roof. Cheers the heart, makes men merry, helps melancholy, and opens the stoppings of the liver.

Aquilegia. Columbines: help sore throats, are of a drying, binding quality.

Argentina. Silver-weed, or Wild Tansy, cold and dry almost in the third degree; stops lasks, fluxes, and the menses, good against ulcers, the stone, and inward wounds: easeth gripings in the belly, fastens loose teeth: outwardly it takes away freckles, morphew, and sunburning, it takes away inflammations, and bound to the wrists stops the violence of the fits of the ague.

Artanita. Sow-bread: hot and dry in the third degree, it is a dangerous purge: outwardly in ointments it takes away freckles, sunburning, and the marks which the small pox leaves behind them: dangerous for pregnant women.

Aristolochia, longa, rotunda. Birth-wort long and round. See the roots.

Artemisia. Mugwort: is hot and dry in the second degree: binding: an herb appropriated to the female sex; it brings down the menses, brings away both birth and placenta, eases pains in the matrix. You may take a dram at a time.

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