Vincitoxicum. Swallow-wort. A pultis made with the leaves helps sore breasts, and also soreness of the matrix.

Virga Pastoris. A third name for Teazles. See Dipsatus.

Virga Aurea. See Consolida.

Ulmaria. See the root. Meadsweet.

Umbilicus Veneris. Navil-wort. Cold, dry, and binding, therefore helps all inflammations; they are very good for kibed heels, being bathed with it and a leaf laid over the sore.

Urtica. Nettles: an herb so well known, that you may find them by the feeling in the darkest night: they are something hot, not very hot; the juice stops bleeding; they provoke lust, help difficulty of breathing, pleurisies, inflammations of the lung; that troublesome cough that women call the Chincough; they exceedingly break the stone, provoke urine, and help such as cannot hold their necks upright. Boil them in white wine.

Usnea. Moss; once before.

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