Of Juleps


1. Juleps were first invented, as I suppose, in Arabia; and my reason is, because the word Julep is an Arabic word.

2. It signifies only a pleasant potion, as is vulgarly used by such as are sick, and want help, or such as are in health, and want no money to quench thirst.

3. Now-a-day it is commonly used--
 1. To prepare the body for purgation.
 2. To open obstructions and the pores.
 3. To digest tough humours.
 4. To qualify hot distempers, &c.

4. Simple Juleps, (for I have nothing to say to compounds here) are thus made: Take a pint of such distilled water, as conduces to the cure of your distemper, which this treatise will plentifully furnish you with, to which add two ounces of syrup, conducing to the same effect; (I shall give you rules for it in the next chapter) mix them together, and drink a draught of it at your pleasure. If you love tart things, add ten drops of oil of vitriol to your pint, and shake it together, and it will have a fine grateful taste.

5. All juleps are made for present use; and therefore it is vain to speak of their duration.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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