Directions For Making Syrups, Conserves

HAVING in divers places of this Treatise promised you the way of making Syrups, Conserves, Oils, Ointments, &c, of herbs, roots, flowers, &c. whereby you may have them ready for your use at such times when they cannot be had otherwise; I come now to perform what I promised, and you shall find me rather better than worse than my word.

That this may be done methodically, I shall divide my directions into two grand sections, and each section into several chapters, and then you shall see it look with such a countenance as this is.


Of gathering, drying, and keeping Simples, and their juices

CHAP. I. Of leaves of Herbs, &. CHAP. IV. Of Roots.
CHAP. II. Of Flowers. CHAP. V. Of Barks.
CHAP. III.Of Seeds.CHAP. VI.Of Juices.


Of making and keeping Compounds

CHAP. I. Of distilled waters. CHAP. IX. Of Lohochs.
CHAP. II. Of Syrups. CHAP. X. Of Ointments.
CHAP. III. Of Juleps. CHAP. XI. Of Plaisters.
CHAP. IV. Of Decoctions. CHAP. XII. Of Poultices.
CHAP. V. Of Oils. CHAP. XIII. Of Troches.
CHAP. VI. Of Electuaries. CHAP. XIV. Of Pills.
CHAP. VII. Of Conserves. CHAP. XV. The way of fitting Medicines to Compound Diseases.
CHAP. VIII. Of Preserves.

Of all these in order.

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