On War
Table of contents
On the Nature of War
What is War?
End and Means in War
The Genius for War
Of Danger in War
Of Bodily Exertion in War
Information in War
Friction in War
Concluding Remarks
On the Theory of War
Branches of the Art of War
On the Theory of War
Art or Science of War
On Examples
Of Strategy in General
Elements of Strategy
Moral Forces
The Chief Moral Powers
Military Virtue of an Army
Superiority of Numbers
The Surprise
Assembly of Forces in Space
Assembly of Forces in Time
Strategic Reserve
Economy of Forces
Geometrical Element
On the Suspension of the Act in War
On the Character of Modern War
Tension and Rest
The Combat
Character of a Modern Battle
The Combat in General
The Combat in General (continuation)
On the Signification of the Combat
Duration of Combat
Decision of the Combat
Mutual Understanding as to a Battle
The Battle
Effects of Victory
The Use of the Battle
Strategic Means of Utilising Victory
Retreat After a Lost Battle
Military Forces
Relation of Power
Relation of the Three Arms
Base of Operations
Lines of Communication
Offence and Defence
The Relations of the Offensive and Defensive
to each other in Tactics
The Relations of the Offensive and Defensive
to each other in Strategy
Character of Strategic Defensive
Extent of the Means of Defence
Mutual Action and Reaction of Attack and Defence
Methods of Resistance
Fortresses (continuation)
Retreat into the Interior of the Country
Arming the Nation
Defence of a Theatre of War
The Attack
Nature of the Strategical Attack
Of the Objects of Strategical Attack
Decreasing Force of the Attack
Culminating Point of the Attack
Destruction of the Enemy’s Armies
The Offensive Battle
Attack of Defensive Positions
Attack of an Entrenched Camp
Plan of War
Absolute and Real War
A Interdependence of the Parts in a War
B Of the Magnitude of the Object of the War
and the Efforts to be Made
Ends in War More Precisely Defined
Ends in War More Precisely Defined (continuation)
B War as an Instrument of Policy
Plan of War when the Destruction of
the Enemy is the Object
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