Rule for Court Circular


(A New Game of Cards for Two or More Players)

SECTION I. (For Two Players)


CUT for precedence. Highest is `first-hand'; lowest `dealer'. Dealer gives 6 cards to each, one by one, beginning with first-hand, and turns up the 13th, which is called the `Lead'. It is convenient that the same player should be dealer for the whole of each game.


First-hand then plays a card; then the other player, and so on, until 6 cards have been played, when the trick is complete, and he who can make (out of the 3 cards he has played, with or without the Lead), the best `Line', wins it.

A `Line' consists of 2, or all 3, of the cards put down by either player, with or without the Lead. In making a Line, it does not matter in what order the 3 cards have been put down. Lines rank as follows:
                        (1) 3, or 4, CARDS, (LEAD included)
Trio--i.e. 3 of a sort, (e.g. 3 Kings, or 3 Nines.)
Sequence--i.e. 3, or 4, in Sequence, (e.g. Eight, Nine, Ten, Knave.)
Sympathy--i.e. 3, or 4, Hearts.
Court--i.e. 3, or 4, Court- cards, (if 4, it is called Court Circular.)

N.B. In this Class a Line of 4 cards beats a similar Line of 3. The Lead must not be reckoned in the middle of a Sequence.

                        (2) 3 CARDS, (LEAD excluded)
Names as above.
N.B. In making a Sequence, the Ace may be reckoned either with King, Queen, or with Two, Three.
                        (3) 2 CARDS, (LEAD excluded)
Pair--i.e. 2 of a sort.
Valentine-- i.e. 2 Hearts.
Etiquette--i.e. 2 Court-cards.


If both have made Lines of the same kind, he whose Line contains the best card wins the trick; and if neither has made a Line, he who has played the best card wins it. Cards rank as follows:

(1) Hearts.
(2) The rest of the pack, in order Aces, Kings, &c.
N.B. If no Hearts have been played, and the highest cards on each side are equal, (e.g. if each have played an Ace), they rank in the order Diamonds, Clubs, Spades.


The winner of a trick chooses, as Lead for the next trick, any one of the cards on the table, except the old Lead; he then takes the rest, turning them face upwards, if he be first-hand, but if not, face downwards; and he becomes first-hand for the next trick.


The dealer then gives cards to each, one by one, beginning with first-hand, until each hand is made up again to 6 cards.


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