wait any longer, he forces the cousins to marry by locking Catherine in a room at the Heights, unsympathetic towards Catherine's pleas to be with her dying father. She is able to be reconciled with him at the last minute, but his death marks only the start of her troubles. Thrushcross Grange passes to Linton as he is the male descendent of the family; Linton's death shortly afterwards sees the house inherited by Heathcliff, as he is Catherine's father-in-law now. Dispossessed, Catherine lives at the Heights in misery, rebuking the approaches of Hareton and Zillah, the housekeeper. It is at this point that Lockwood enters the narrative, and the final three chapters, like the first three of the first volume, see him recount the events of the story once more. He returns to the Heights a year later to find that Heathcliff has died, with Nelly describing the events leading up to his death, and that Cathy and Hareton are engaged.

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