b) Sexually Immature Persons And Animals As Sexual Objects

Freud addresses the issue that the use of inappropriate sexual objects cannot be ascribed to the insane, but are in fact found otherwise 'normal' people.

Deviations in Respect of the Sexual Aim

The normal sexual aim is defined by Freud as being "the union of the genitals, in the act known as copulation - to release sexual tension and fulfill the sexual instinct". Freud notes that perversions of this aim are frequently found in 'normal' people, for example: kissing, and/or touching and looking at the sexual objects as "preliminary sexual aims". A perversion is therefore defined as sexual activities that (a) extend in an anatomical sense beyond the regions of the body designed for sexual union and (b) linger over the intermediate relations to the sexual object which should normally be traversed rapidly on the path towards the final sexual aim.

Anatomical Extensions

i) Overvaluation of the Sexual Object:

The subject becomes infatuated by the mental perfections of the sexual object (similar in many ways to power of love). This overvaluation therefore helps to turn activities connected with other parts of the body into sexual aims, i.e. is not reconcilable with restriction of the sexual aim to the union of the genitals.

ii) Sexual Use of the Mucous Membrane of the Lips and Mouth

The use of the mouth is regarded as a perversion, if it is brought into contact with the genitals of another, due to the feeling of disgust that it invokes. However this factor of disgust can be overridden by the libido. Indeed the sexual instinct, in its strength enjoys overriding this disgust.

iii) Sexual Use of the Anal Orifice

Freud proposes that again it is disgust that labels this act as a perversion. Furthermore he notes though that a sexual part played by the anal orifice, is not limited to intercourse between men and that preference for it is independent of inverted feeling.

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