Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality - Study Guide
Table of contents
Psychodynamic Theory and Psychoanalysis  
I The Sexual Aberrations
Deviations in Respect of the Sexual Object  
a) Inversion  
b) Sexually Immature Persons And Animals As Sexual Objects  
c) Significance of Other Regions of the Body  
d) Fixations of Preliminary Sexual Aims  
e) The Sexual Instinct in Neurotics  
II Infantile Sexuality
1) The Period of Sexual Latency in Childhood and its Interruptions  
2) The Manifestations Of Infantile Sexuality  
3) The Sexual Aim of Infantile Sexuality  
4) Masturbatory Sexual Manifestations  
5) The Sexual Researches of Childhood  
6) The Phases of Development of the Sexual Organization  
7) The Sources of Infantile Sexuality  
III The Transformations of Puberty
1) The Primacy of the Sexual Zone and Fore-Pleasure  
2) The Problem of Sexual Excitation  
3) The Libido Theory  
4) The Differentiation Between Men and Women  
5) The Finding of an Object  
Freud's Summary  
Critical Approaches  
Sample Questions  
Further Reading  

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