Miss Fanny Ring: Julius Beaufort's mistress. After the death of his wife, Beaufort marries Fanny. Newland's son marries Beaufort and Ring's daughter, Fanny Beaufort.

Ned Winsett: Archer's close friend, a "clever" person he talked with at the club. Winsett is a journalist and much less wealthy than any member of New York's better society. Winsett is "not a journalist by choice" but rather, "he was a man of letters, untimely born in a world that had no need of letters."

Dr. Carver: A strange manipulative friend of Medora Manson and the self-professed "doctor of love." He is most likely a quack or a fraud.

Mrs. Carfry and Miss Harle: Two friends of Mrs. Archer that Newland and May visit on their honeymoon.

Monsieur Rivière: Newland and May meet him on their honeymoon. He is the tutor of Mrs. Carfry's nephew. Later, he meets Archer in New York and he describes himself as Count Olenska's secretary, the man who helped Ellen escape from the Count.

Dallas Archer: Newland's eldest son; he marries Fanny Beaufort.

Fanny Beaufort: The daughter of Beaufort from his second marriage.

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