Chapters 31-40

Chapter 31: The bishop's library.

On returning to Barchester, Eleanor is told by Mary Bold that the dean, Dr. Trefoil, has had a fit if apoplexy and is not long for this world. Susan goes to the Deanery at once, while the chapter gather in the bishop's library to discuss who will take Trefoil's place. The archdeacon is shocked that Slope's name is mentioned. The dean's doctor, Dr. Fillgrave, says that the London surgeon Sir Omicron Pie will soon be arriving. The dean returns to a hazy consciousness for eight or ten days, putting off thoughts of a new appointment for the moment.

Chapter 32: A new candidate for ecclesiastical honours.

Slope and Proudie visit the Deanery. At the palace Slope mentions his idea of becoming dean to Proudie, and he agrees to put the matter to the archbishop, on the condition that if Slope becomes dean he must let Quiverful have the wardenship. Slope now sees that he must become Eleanor's fiancé before the wardenship is awarded. He writes letters to Sir Nicholas Fitzwhiggin, a bishop in the government, and Tom Towers of the Jupiter, hoping for the support of both in his campaign to become dean.

Chapter 33: Mrs. Proudie victrix.

The dean is still alive another week, while Slope waits for responses to his letters and Eleanor spends her time with the Stanhopes to avoid him. Miss Thorne has organised a fete at Ullathorne and Eleanor is upset to find out that Signora Neroni has procured an invitation for Slope, who will be travelling in the same carriage with her. Charlotte plans for Bertie to propose to Eleanor at the fete. The bishop returns from seeing the archbishop, and Mrs. Proudie, on hearing of Slope's ambition to be dean, determines to frustrate his efforts.

Chapter 34: Oxford - The Master and Tutor of Lazarus.

Arabin worries about his motives for loving Eleanor. The archdeacon and Arabin suggest that Harding should ignore Slope's assertion that h should see the bishop. Arabin visits Oxford to see Dr. Gwynne, who reluctantly agrees to return to Barchester with him, having heard Tom Staple's view that it is unlikely that Slope will become dean, and that Quiverful will most likely be warden, therefore making Harding the obvious choice for becoming dean.

Chapter 35: Miss Thorne's fete champetre.

Slope has received an encouraging letter from Fitzwhiggin. He travels in the same carriage with Eleanor to the fete, at which he has means to propose to her. Mr. Plomacy, the Thornes' steward, has been given instructions to make sure that the "quality" guests are kept apart from the others.

Chapter 36: Ullathorne sports - Act I

There is much trouble with "quality" guests arriving late and non-"quality" guests gate- crashing parts of the house where they are not meant to be, and Harry Greenacre falls from his horse when the quintain, a jousting game, goes wrong. Arabin is upset to see Eleanor arrive with Slope. Eleanor speaks to Harding and explains that it was beyond her control, and he is relieved to discover that she considers Slope "odious". However, his relief upsets her, as it indicates an earlier belief that she may have been willing to marry Slope.

Chapter 37: The Signora Neroni, the Countess de Courcy, and Mrs. Proudie meet each other at Ullathorne.

Signora Neroni arrives late at Ullathorne, followed by the snobbish de Courcy family, the Thornes' most "quality" guests. Mr. Thorne is taken in by Signora Neroni's charms. Eleanor sits with Bertie at lunch to avoid Slope's attentions, and is sad to see Arabin "hanging enraptured" over Signora Neroni's sofa.

Chapter 38: The bishop breakfasts, and the dean dies.

As the bishop says grace at the fete, the dean dies. The reader is told that Slope is not on the government shortlist of potential successors. Arabin, upset by Eleanor's arrival with Slope, is drawn to Signora Neroni, who finds out with a little probing that he loves Eleanor. A little after, Eleanor, uncomfortable at finding herself in the dining room surrounded by the three men courting her, leaves the room followed by Slope. Signora Neroni decides to help Arabin and to hinder Slope.

Chapter 39: The Lookalofts and the Greenacres.

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