Barchester Towers Characters

- Old Dr. Grantly, the Bishop of Barchester
- Young Dr. Grantly, archdeacon of Barchester and son of the Bishop
- Mr. Harding, father-in-law of young Dr. Grantly and precentor of the Cathedral choir
- Eleanor Bold, daughter of Mr. Harding and widow of rich local reformer John Bold
- Susan Grantly, daughter of Mr. Harding and wife of the archdeacon
- Mary Bold, sister of John Bold and sister-in-law of Eleanor Bold
- Dr. Proudie, successor of old Dr. Grantly as Bishop of Barchester
- Mrs. Proudie, wife of Dr. Proudie
- Olivia Proudie, eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Proudie
- Mr. Obadiah Slope, Dr. Proudie's chaplain
- Mr. Quiverful, rector of Puddingdale
- Mrs. Quiverful, Mr. Quiverful's wife
- Dr. Vesey Stanhope, Barchester clergyman
- Mrs. Stanhope, Dr. Stanhope's wife
- Charlotte Stanhope, elder daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Stanhope
- Signora Madeline Neroni, younger daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Stanhope
- Ethelbert (Bertie) Stanhope, son of Dr. and Mrs. Stanhope
- Dr. Gwynne, master of Lazarus College, Oxford
- Reverend Francis Arabin, fellow of Lazarus College and subsequently vicar of St. Ewold's
- Mr. Wilfred Thorne, squire of Ullathorne in the parish of St. Ewold's
- Miss Monica Thorne, sister of Mr. Wilfred Thorne
- Mr. Plomacy, the steward of the Thornes
- Dr. Trefoil, dean of Barchester cathedral
- Dr. Fillgrave, Barchester doctor of Dr. Trefoil
- Sir Omicron Pie, eminent London surgeon
- Tom Towers, journalist with the Jupiter
- Sir Nicholas Fitzwhiggin, bishop in the government
- Tom Staple, tutor of Lazarus College, Oxford
- Harry Greenacre, strapping son of local farmer
- Countess de Courcy

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