Sample Questions

1. Are the Monolith-Aliens Dionysian or Apollonian?

2. "Because the film of 2001 invites subjective interpretation, it serves to reflect contemporary social attitudes trends and phenomenon." Discuss the critical and popular reaction to the film in light of this statement.

3. "Clarke, a voyager to the stars, is forced to carry the now inexplicably dull director Kubrick as the albatross on his shoulders through an interminable journey of almost three hours." (Ray Bradbury) Why might certain elements in the science fiction 'establishment' have been hostile to Kubrick's film?

4. "I'm sorry, Dave, I don't have enough information." (HAL 9000) How important is establishing authorship important in the analysis of a work?

5. "This conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye." (HAL 9000) Is trying to objectively 'explain' a film such as "2001", as Kubrick has suggested, no more feasible than attempting to 'explain' a Beethoven symphony?

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