Prior Aymer of Jorvaulx

– there was a widespread mistrust of religious men in the Middle Ages due to their perceived greed and misuse of power. For every holy priest in Chaucer’s work, there is a friar growing rich on the suffering of those he tends to. Prior Aymer is one such evil holyman, playing off the Normans and the Saxons against one another, siding with whichever is in the ascendancy.


– the most ‘feelgood’ character in the novel, Wamba can consistently be relied upon to look optimistically upon a dire situation, or come up with a quip or witty remark to lighten the atmosphere.


– representative of the people, and how the struggle between the Normans and the Saxons affects the common man.


– is Robin Hood (Robin Hood was known as Robin of Locksley). The character is inserted to give the audience a character they know, and thus makes the reader more able to place the novel historically, with the knowledge they already have about the legend of Robin Hood. Friar Tuck, in the guise of the Clerk of Copmanhurst, is included for the same reason.


– a witch who colludes with the Normans.
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