ready and willing to fight for him. The uprising in the event was a march through the streets of London with Essex trying his best to rouse support and thus take London. His mistake was in believing his own publicity. Whereas the people of London admired him they were nowhere close to deposing a lawful monarch in favour of him, especially not their beloved Elizabeth. As reality dawned on his followers his retinue fell away forcing him to retreat back to Essex House. His house was surrounded by royal troops and by evening Essex had surrendered. He and his followers were taken to the Tower of London. On the 25th February Essex was beheaded. Most of his followers were allowed to buy their lives after a series of fierce denunciations which destroyed any credibility the rising may have had.

The rising was a complete failure but it did highlight the discontent caused by Elizabeth's lack of patronage, this money was now being absorbed by war (see section on foreign affairs)

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