Using Bibliomania History Guides

This guide forms the background to three separate guides on periods within 1603-1688 related to key authors of the time:

1) The Age of John Donne (1603-40)
2) The Age of John Milton and Andrew Marvell (1640-60)
3) The Age of John Dryden (1660-88)

So, to learn about the period as a whole and the politics, religion, government, and foreign policy of the years 1603 to 1688, read on through this guide. To zoom in on one of the three periods above and learn about it in detail, leave this guide and choose one of the "Age of..." guides from the Study Guide main page.

Details about key figures, events and concepts are generally to be found in the text itself, in italics to denote a footnoted section. They appear the sentence or paragaph after the footnote appears and are intended to provide background information about key figures and terms that may be unknown to the reader.

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