Donne to Dryden: The Historical Background
Table of contents
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Important Themes in Government and Politics, 1603-88
The Constitution  
The Succession  
Important Themes in Religion, 1603-88
The Elizabethan Settlement, 1559  
The Jacobean Church, 1603-25  
The Caroline Church, 1625-40  
Religion and the Civil War  
The Commonwealth and the Church  
The Development of Regligious Sects  
Individual Sects  
The Restoration Period, 1660-88  
The Demise of Puritanism  
Further Reading  
England and the World, 1603-88
The Early Stuarts  
The Personal Rule  
The Interregum  
The Dutch Wars  
The Protectorate  
The Restoration Period, 1660-88  
Further Reading  

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