Key Dates

YearPrincipal Events
1625Charles becomes King
Charles marries Henrietta Maria
1626Attempt to impeach Buckingham
York House Conference
1627Forced Loan
Five Knights' Case
1628Petition of Right
Duke of Buckingham assassinated
1629-40The Personal Rule
1630Charles concludes peace with France and Spain
1630-40Charles and Laud attempt to impose Arminian policies
1634Ship Money imposed (until declared 'illegal' in 1640)
1637Trial and corporal punishment of Prynne, Burton and Bastwick
Riots in Scotland over Book of Common Prayer
Hampden Case
1638National Covenant formed in Scotland
1639-40Charles is defeated in the Bishops' Wars
1640The Short Parliament (shortest Parliament in British history)
Laudian Canons consolidate Arminian reforms in Church of England
The Long Parliament - beginning of the 'legislative revolution'
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