back in New Mexico, where Lawrence hoped to found an ideal community, which he intended to call 'Ranamm'.

A visit to Old Mexico resulted in Lawrence contracting tuberculosis, and doctors diagnosed that he had only two years to live. The pair returned to England via Germany, and settled at last in Italy, where Lawrence completed Lady Chatterley's Lover at the Villa Mirenda, near Florence. It was to be his last novel, and the one that caused far greater controversy than any other. It was privately printed in Florence, but remained unpublished in an unexpurgated edition in England or America for over thirty years, after unsuccessful prosecutions for obscenity Lawrence was clearly dying, and Frieda took him to both Germany and the South of France in search of what could only have been a miracle cure. D.H.Lawrence died in Vence on 2 March 1930, a moralist who believed that modem man was in danger of losing his ability to experience the quality of life, and was condemned as immoral for his pains.

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