Minor Characters

Metellus Cimber

A conspirator, properly L. Tullus Cimber, but called by Plutarch both 'Tullius Cimber' and 'Metellus Cimber' - the latter being that which Shakespeare took. He supported Caesar and was given Bithynia; however in Act I Scene 3 he is mentioned as a conspirator. Though greeted by Caesar in Act II Scene 2, Metellus gives the signal for the assassination in Act III Scene 1 having begun a suit in the Senate. After the assassination Metellus says only ten further words before leaving the play.


A conspirator, properly L. Cornelius Cinna the Younger. Made Praetor by Caesar, though Plutarch records 'in an oration he made had spoken very evill of Caesar' and approved of the assassination. Cassius instructs Cinna in Act I Scene 3 to distribute papers for Brutus to find. In Act II Scene 1 he stands on the fringe of the conspirators in Brutus' orchard. His name is on Artemidorus' list in Act II Scene 3; and after the assassination Cinna is the first to cry out 'Liberty! Freedom! Tyranny is dead!' (III.1.78).

Murellus & Flavius

Two of the five tribunes of the people. They only speak in Act I Scene 1, and are 'put to silence' by Caesar in Act I Scene 2 for despoiling the symbols of regalia that had been placed on Caesar's statue. The ambiguity that surrounds their fate is part of the atmosphere of arbitrariness or tyranny that Shakespeare was trying to create around Caesar's rule.

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