Brutus remains awake with his servant Lucius. He orders two men, Claudio and Varrus, to enter his tent and sleep there in case he needs to send them on an errand during the night. Brutus then asks Lucius to play him a song, which he does until he falls asleep with his instrument.

Brutus takes his book and starts reading, but the ghost of Julius Caesar enters and causes the flame to dim. Brutus demands to know who has entered the room, and the ghost tells him, "Thy evil spirit, Brutus" (4.2.333). Brutus then asks the ghost why he has come, and is told that the ghost will see him again at Philippi. The ghost leaves, and Brutus immediately wakes up everyone in the room. He orders Lucius to go back to sleep, and tells Varrus and Claudio to go inform Cassius that he should take his army and march on ahead.

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