The result is that Caesar begins a speech about how Antony should return from Egypt ("Antony,/ Leave thy lascivious wassails!") and remembering his past valor and greatness as a soldier.

Scene 5

Back in Egypt, Cleopatra and her court are drinking mandragora, a narcotic plant, which Cleopatra hopes will while away the time her Antony is departed. She recalls his greatness, calling him the "demi-atlas of this earth, the arm/ And burgeonet of men" and generally, along with Caesar in the preceeding scene, adding to the weight of expectation on Antony. A messenger arrives bringing her a pearl from Antony, and Cleopatra immediately sends one of her minions to Antony with a love-message. She has sent one to him every day of Antony's absence! Charmian teasingly reminds her of her past devotion to her former lover, Julius Caesar, and Cleopatra is at first angry "I will give thee bloody teeth... " (although this could of course be interpreted as being in jest) and then sighs about her youthful mistakes, calling them her "salad days, when I was green in judgement, cold in blood".

  By PanEris using Melati.

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