Further Reading

Erasmus, The Praise of Folly

This is often seen as a kind of companion piece to Utopia. Many of the same techniques of narrative, playful but serious philosophy, and Humanist fictional style are present. It is compulsory reading for anyone trying to understand Utopia’s place in Humaniast literature.

Montaigne, Essays

Apart from being fascinating and extremely influential (see Bacon and Dr. Johnson’s essays if you want proof), Montaigne’s essays highlight the common Humanist concerns and theories in a more practical / non-fiction manner than More.

Machiavelli, The Prince

An extremely useful text to have read regardless of your focus (like Utopia), The Prince represents political philosophy of a kind utterly opposed in manner and conclusion to those of More’s Utopia. It is selfish, viciously practical and forceful where the Utopians live selflessly and peacefully. It is interesting to look at the two views and the way in which Machiavelli’s line has been somewhat more influential in the modern world than More’s. Why might this be? Think gold.

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