Further Reading

Original Text

T. W. Allen, The Odyssey, Oxford Classical Texts (Oxford, 1917)


Richmond Lattimore, The Odyssey of Homer (Chicago, 1951)


Peter V. Jones, Homer's Odyssey (= Lattimore's translation) (Bristol, 1988)

Other Useful Texts

C. M. Bowra, Homer (Scribners, 1972)
Moses Finley, The World of Odysseus (London, 1977)
J. Griffin, Homer on Life and Death (Oxford, 1980)
J. Griffin, Homer: the Odyssey, Landmarks of World Literature (Cambridge, 1987)
Hugh Lloyd-Jones, The Justice of Zeus (Berkeley, 1971)
G.S. Kirk, The Songs of Homer (Cambridge, 1962)
W.F. Otto, The Homeric Gods (trans. Hadas, London, 1954)

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