Jeremy Taylor -Rule and Exercise of Holy Living (1650)

"Our sin can never be pardoned, 'till we have restored what we unjustly took, or wrongfuilly detained."

Daniel Defoe - Serious Reflections of Robinson Crusoe (1720)

"But every trespass of this nature requires restitution as well as repentance; restitution as far as the possible power of the party extends; and if the last not be found, the first is not likely to be sincere."

Daniel Defoe - A Hymn to the Funeral Sermon (1703), written in response to a sermon preached by Paul Lorrain on the repentance of a murderer shortly before he was hanged.

"Where's the meer necessity to Pray?
Or where's the great Reward of Honesty?
Ne're think on't more, as well ye may,
Eden lay aside all Morality
And go to Heaven the Shortest Way."

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