has grown large and red, and the earth appears to be populated by giant crab-like creatures. Moving further on in time, he discovers a bitterly cold, almost lifeless earth with a dying sun. The only signs of life left are lichens and mosses, and a black "round thing, the size of a football... hopping fitfully about" on the shore. Feeling faint, he climbs back onto the machine and returns to his own time.

The Time Traveller's guests greet his tale with scepticism, and his meagre evidence of flowers from the year 802,701 fails to convince them. "What a pity it is you're not a writer of stories!" says the Editor. The next day, the Narrator visits the Time Traveller again, only to witness what appears to be his disappearance from his workshop. The Time Traveller never returns and the Narrator reflects on what might have befallen him as well as considers his own view of the future which appears a little more optimistic than that of the Time Traveller, though mainly simply one of the unknown.

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