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Bibliomania's extensive library of classic literature, reference books and study resources is a superb resource for educators. Bibliomania provides 24/7 accessibility to its library, it is a great way to bring the use of IT into literature lessons, and it saves on the cost of books. Bibliomania's search engine lets students find relevant information faster so that they can spend more time analyzing texts.

Bibliomania provides you, the teachers, with a platform to share your ideas on how to use electronic texts and aids in English lessons. Please send your ideas for lesson plans based around Bibliomania to teachers@bibliomania.com . If we put your suggestion on site we will send you a class set (30 books) of a book of your choice from Oxford University Press World's Classics series.


Bibliomania has partnered with Globe Education, the educational service of the Globe Theatre, to offer UK schools the chance to win a free, bespoke study day for a whole GCSE or A level class of students in November 2001. You, their teacher, can nominate the Shakespearian text, and Globe Education will organise a day at the Globe Theatre in London tailored to your class and that text. The Globe Education study days have received rave reviews from all schools attending them and are of enormous use in illustrating Shakespeare and bringing it alive.

GCSE Study Days

This study day sets Shakespeare's plays within their social, historical and theatrical context and comprises the following elements:

A 45-minute exploration of the Globe Playhouse (including the stage and the tiring house)
A fact-finding visit to the Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition
A 90-minute workshop focusing on the play selected for classroom study

A-Level Study Days

A level study days explore the Globe's unique relationship between actor, audience and architecture and examine how this relationship shapes the language and dramatic structure of Shakespeare's plays. Each day includes the following:

An introductory lecture to the playing conditions in the Globe
A guided visit to the Globe Theatre (including the stage and the tiring house)
A visit to the Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition
A 90-minute practical workshop exploring the selected play's relationship with the playhouse for which it was written

How to win the free study day

Its very simple. First of all you need to register with Bibliomania. Click here. It only takes a few moments and is free.

After registering, send us an email to teachers@bibliomania.com telling us the name of your school, which class you would like to win the study day for, how many students in the class, which text you would like to study and, most importantly, why your school should win. You might want to set this as a class assignment!

The competiton will be judged by a panel comprising people from Bibliomania, The Globe Theatre, and Oxford University. The closing date for entries is 21 September 2001, the winning schools will be notified by email and listed on Bibliomania on 12 October 2001, and the study days will take place in November 2001. Good luck!

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