Lady Wood. I protest, Mr. Courtage, a dozen such good men as you would be enough to atone for that wicked Dorimant and all the under-debauchees of the town. [HARRIET, EMILIA, YOUNG BELLAIR, MEDLEY, and Lady TOWNLEY break out into laughter. What’s the matter there?

Med. A pleasant mistake, madam, that a lady has made, occasions a little laughter.

O Bell. Come, come, you keep ’em idle, they are impatient till the fiddles play again.

Dor. You are not weary, madam?

Lady Wood. One dance more; I cannot refuse you, Mr. Courtage.

[They dance.

Emil. You are very active, sir. [After the dance OLD BELLAIR singing and dancing up to EMILIA.

O. Bell. Adod, sirrah, when I was a young fellow I could had capered up to my woman’s gorget.

Dor. You are willing to rest yourself, madam?

Lady Town. We’ll walk into my chamber and sit down.

Med. Leave us Mr. Courtage, he’s a dancer, and the young ladies are not weary yet.

Lady Wood. We’ll send him out again.

Har. If you do not quickly, I know where to send for Mr. Dorimant.

Lady Wood. This girl’s head, Mr. Courtage, is ever running on that wild fellow.

Dor. ’Tis well you have got her a good husband, madam; that will settle it. [Exeunt Lady TOWNLEY, Lady WOODVIL, and DORIMANT.

O. Bell. [to EMILIA]. Adod, sweetheart, be advised, and do not throw thyself away on a young idle fellow.

Emil. I have no such intention, sir.

O. Bell. Have a little patience, thou shalt have the man I spake of. Adod, he loves thee, and will make a good husband; but no words.

Emil. But, sir.—

O. Bell. No answer—out a pise! peace! and think on’t.


Dor. Your company is desired within, sir.

O. Bell. I go, I go, good Mr. Courtage— [To EMILIA.] Fare you well; go, I’ll see you no more.

Emil. What have I done, sir?

O. Bell. You are ugly, you are ugly; is she not, Mr. Courtage?

Emil. Better words, or I shan’t abide you.

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