Act II


Enter my Lady Townley and Emilia.

Lady Town. I was afraid, Emilia, all had been discovered.

Emil. I tremble with the apprehension still.

Lady Town. That my brother should take lodgings i’ the very house where you lie!

Emil. ’Twas lucky we had timely notice to warn the people to be secret; he seems to be a mighty good- humoured old man.

Lady Town. He ever had a notable smirking way with him.

Emil. He calls me rogue, tells me he can’t abide me, and does so bepat me.

Lady Town. On my word you are much in his favour then.

Emil. He has been very inquisitive, I am told, about my family, my reputation, and my fortune.

Lady Town. I am confident he does not i’ the least suspect you are the woman his son’s in love with.

Emil. What should make him then inform himself so particularly of me?

Lady Town. He was always of a very loving temper himself; it may be he has a doting fit upon him; who knows?

Emil. It cannot be.

Enter Young Bellair.

Lady Town. Here comes my nephew. Where did you leave your father?

Y. Bell. Writing a note within. Emilia, this early visit looks as if some kind jealousy would not let you rest at home.

Emil. The knowledge I have of my rival gives me a little cause to fear your constancy.

Y. Bell. My constancy! I vow—

Emil. Do not vow—Our love is frail as is our life, and full as little in our power; and are you sure you shall outlive this day?

Y. Bell. I am not; but when we are in perfect health ’twere an idle thing to fright ourselves with the thoughts of sudden death

Lady Town. Pray what has passed between you and your father i’ the garden?

Y. Bell. He’s firm in his resolution, tells me I must marry Mrs. Harriet, or swears he’ll marry himself and disinherit me; when I saw I could not prevail with him to be more indulgent, I dissembled an obedience to his will which has composed his passion, and will give us time, and I hope opportunity, to deceive him.

Enter Old Bellair with a note in his hand.

Lady Town. Peace, here he comes.

  By PanEris using Melati.

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