Dramatis Personae

With names of the original actors and actresses.

Two gentlemen of broken fortunes, the first as master, and the second as servant
Thomas Aimwell - Mr. Mills.
Francis Archer - Mr. Wilks.

A French Officer, prisoner at Lichfield
Count Bellair - Mr. Boman.

A Country Blockhead, brutal to his Wife
Squire Sullen - Mr. Verbruggen.

A Gentleman from London, brother to Mrs. Sullen
Sir Charles Freeman - Mr. Keen.

A Priest, Chaplain to the French Officers
Foigard - Mr. Bowen.

A Highwayman
Gibbet - Mr. Cibber.

Hounslow, Bagshot - His Companions.

Landlord of the Inn
Boniface - Mr. Bullock.

Servant to Squire Sullen
Scrub - Mr. Norris.

An old, civil, Country Gentlewoman, that cures all her neighbours of all distempers, and foolishly fond of her son, Squire Sullen
Lady Bountiful - Mrs. Powell.

Her Daughter-in-law, wife to Squire Sullen
Mrs. Sullen - Mrs. Oldfield.

Lady Bountiful’s Daughter
Dorinda - Mrs. Bradshaw.

Maid to the Ladies
Gipsy - Mrs. Mills.

The Landlord’s Daughter in the Inn
Cherry - Mrs. Bicknell.

Tapster, Coach-passengers, Countryman, Countrywoman, and Servants.


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